Tree Services – South Kingstown RI – Silver Leaf Forestry

Tree Services – South Kingstown RI – Silver Leaf Forestry


Silver Leaf Forestry is a local RI tree and arborist service business located in South Kingstown RI (phone – 401.529.8558) and

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services the North Kingstown, Charlestown, Exeter, East Greenwich, Narragansett and Jamestown communities, also.

So let me tell me you know what an Arborist is? It is someone who is licensed and certified (CA-certified arborist) to take care of trees.  Not only the pruning, cutting, treating, planting, cabling, pest management, and removal of trees but also this profession works hard at keeping them healthy.  That is why you want to call Silver Leaf Forestry!


The owner of Silver Leaf Forestry, John Gorman, has worked in the tree profession since college because he loves nature in all its forms.  As he says, that is why it took him 5 years to get his college degree well besides changing majors- too much time in the trees and doing tree work!


Like a monkey with harnesses on, we watched him go up and take down as well as remove an unhealthy 80 foot tree this day.  It is a skillful business and care and attention to the job at hand is a must…that

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is why using a company like Silver Leaf Forestry which is licensed, bonded and insured is necessary. David Patriarca, broker associate of Phillips Post Road Realty, said “John does outstanding work, fairly priced, insured and he handles my customers I refer to him with amazing customer service and his tree skill level is superb.”


Other Silver Leaf Forestry services provided are: stump grinding, the sale of cord wood and granite stones.  So check out this full tree services business in the South County RI area.  Help our Local businesses grow – I truly believe that the ground swell for a good economy will come from our small RI business owners!


Why would anyone hire an uninsured tree services man- just for the dollar savings to end up with a lawsuit if negligence happens.  Be wary of who you hire. ..make sure who you hire is licensed and insured at all times.


With all the damage from trees this fall from the hurricane and winds, it is important to take the right steps with icy rain, wind and snow coming at us soon.  Keep clearing your trees and call Silver Leaf Forestry today for the right tree services help at 401.529.8558.


Tree Services – South Kingstown RI – Silver Leaf Forestry.


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