Top Flood Insurance Posts in 2013

Top Flood Insurance Posts in 2013


 RI Flood Insurance

It is that time of year to look back and share what is blog worthy based upon what the readers found

Top Flood Insurance Posts in 2013

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interesting in RI real estate regarding the top flood insurance blog posts in 2013.  It is always so fascinating to me to reflect upon what caught readers interest in the real estate world.  Whether it is Rhode Island real estate based or a generic useful real estate read.

Flood insurance changes in the world of home ownership and coastal RI real estate was a huge happening hitting us like a tsunami in 2013.  The changes have been implemented by FEMA for the flood plains and flood maps for U.S. properties.

 If you do not have flood insurance or have not needed to in the past (no mortgage on your property, specifically) you still need to be aware of what flood zone you are in and whether your property is at flood risk.  Not knowing what your flood zone is can be just foolish.  Home values can be impacted by flood plains and maps where you are located.

As a homeowner or a potential real estate seller, insurance of all kinds is important and critical to any buyer’s lender.  In addition, if anything Hurricane Sandy in 2012 taught us is that flood insurance is a must have (not a want, a need) in ‘A’ and ‘V’ flood zones.  These are the high risk flood areas.

Please take some time to read through the following RI real estate flood insurance posts to expand your knowledge base and awareness on this important subject  I hope it enlightens you a bit and that as always knowledge is power…put it to good use.

Top Flood Insurance Posts 2013:


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Be the well educated and knowledgeable  homeowner that knows how flood map changes impact you.  Flood insurance is here to stay so understand its implications on property and know how your home is impacted.


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