To Dish or Not to Dish?

To Dish or Not to Dish?


This is a story of a china saga that has just begun and parts of it are very amusing…see there is this Real Estate Agent who has this dinnerware …okay,

China has its place in life

Is it worth it?

china i might add that he had when he was previously married to wife #1.  They are expensive dishes but wife #2 does not like them and tried to sell them for $2500 at a consignment store recently for $230.

Well Real estate agent found out about what his wife was doing and got upset and brought the whole set into the office and has them lined up on a desk…I guess they are an expensive china pattern.


The other morning, one of my associates picked up one of the china bowls and asked if he could use it to put his oatmeal in for the microwave. Well agent looked at him sternly and said just as long as you know that is a $100 bowl!  I was around the corner and just couldn’t control myself.  Some things in life take over one’s life and become a life of its own for sure.  How strange is this behavior- VERY!


When two people have a tug of war over dishes…what is it really about?


Okay, so now all the dishes, side plates, etc. are all on EBAY and now it is a battle of the wills.  Will the husband get his $2500 in reward by happy hunters for china on Ebay or will the lovely wife chuckle at the few hundred dollars he makes from the china barely selling.


How long will this go on? Until one party says enough or does someone have to be the winner here?!


Some things from past lives need to be put aside. There is a life lesson here about a lot of things. There is a thing called the dumpster or the Goodwill store too.  These dishes are not worth the rift they cause because there is a ‘principle’ to be taught to someone.   I sure do not see a good meal being served on this china do you?  What lessons do you learn in life by your patterns and actions that can help you learn to be a better person in life and your own relationships…so every Saturday til we have the end to this china escapade I will share at bit of


To dish or not to dish?


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