This Picture is Worth more than a Thousand Words

This Picture is worth more than a thousand words


Yes, on a private road this waterfront Narragansett home for sale sits serenely


There is more here than meets the eye

A Package Waiting to be Opened


unoccupied for the last 8 years since it was built in RI real estate!  It seems that another Ponzi like schemer on a smaller scale than Bernie Madoff was having the time of his life here having two waterfront mansions built for him.  While he built the 2 waterfront Narragansett RI homes, he bamboozled his financial victims out of about $1.4 billion.


This scoundrel with a residence in Florida (his residence there was 9200 square feet in Fort Lauderdale) had this Narragansett property seized, along with others, by the U.S. government and put up for sale.  There is far more to this story that may later be revealed.  However, he never was able to enjoy the homes here…he was caught before he could enjoy them…in fact no one has enjoyed this house at all.
Waterfront Narragansett

A view to remember

The home is one of two waterfront Narragansett homes that are for sale and at $1.7 million it is not an unreasonable price for it.

It certainly is an incredible acre home with dock and a stunning waterview. Location, location, location. I can hear you now saying all I need is a nice pool and a hot tub to finish off the home layout!  Well one can sail right out through the Galilee breakwater and Block Island is just a short excursion away.

Previewing it with my clients today, the characters behind the house can be oh so fascinating…we will see what comes to pass on this one.   I must say that it is oh so interesting when this picture is worth more than a thousand words!
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