The Little Ruby Red Shoe that says ‘There’s No Place Like Home’

The Little Ruby Red Shoe that says ‘There’s No Place Like Home’

The little ruby red shoe that says ‘there’s no place like home’ has a lot of meaning to me…for in my real estate business I have used it as part of my branding and tagging.  It does seem to fit well with me in my business, as my clients share this with me, and the color red is definitely my favorite color.

ginny of oz

Ginny of Oz- There’s no place like Home

So when one of my buyers stopped by my office the other day to remind me ‘there’s no place like home’ on the home I found them to buy and that little ruby red shoe surfaced again I am happy to say.  Out of this bag came from the Ginny of Oz fame (aka Dorothy of Oz) a four inch hand blown glass sparkly ruby red shoe appeared!  Thank you Sarah.

Surprised is an understatement and thrilled to my toes… here was my logo of choice the little ruby red shoe of Oz saying there’s no place like home.  Appreciation is always wonderful and thoughtfulness is deep felt.  So may I do justice to the little ruby red shoe that says ‘There’s no place Like Home’ in all my business and life.

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