Sushi – Seven Moons Restaurant – North Kingstown RI 02852

Sushi – Seven Moons Restaurant – North Kingstown RI 02852

This was a side trip with one of my sons the other day so we could talk about a property purchase…the stomach

Seven Moons Restaurant

Sushi Bar- 7 Moons -North Kingstown RI

was calling us!

Seven Moons Restaurant
is located just north of Quonset Point on Post Road and across from my favorite Toyota dealership (excellent service with Tarbox).  So usually it is a two birds with one stone ( i do not harm animals )…drop the car off to have it serviced & run up the street to Seven Moons for lunch.  It is convenient, has delicious appetizers and entrees and reasonably priced.  Their luncheon specials for $6.95 include rice, choice of soup and main dish – it is like a mini dinner.  Love their spicy shrimp with lemongrass…yum!  Great deals.


No doubt sushi is quick & easily made when you have a top sushi staff.


Seven Moons in North Kingstown RI

Best Sushi & more

  The sushi chefs make it right in front of you if you sit at the sushi bar which we did.  One of the chefs was cutting up an incredible 20 + pounds of tuna for the sushi bar.  It looked stunning and delectable.

No matter who comes in from out of town in my family, we are always heading over to Seven Moons with all for a long evening of many dishes of Asian foods.  Never a dull moment and the staff is always gracious and accommodating.  And oh yes, they are open for dinners seven days a week!  And there is always more than you can eat on the plate.

So head on down to 6900 Post Road in North Kingstown for a simple or many course Asian feast with friends and family.  I highly recommend Seven Moons to all my real estate customers who come into the South County area too.  What is there not to like about great sushi and asian food!  Any time of year it is enjoyable to make this a must restaurant stop.  Put it on your list of restaurants to enjoy in North Kingstown RI


Sushi – Seven Moons Restaurant – North Kingstown RI 02852.


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