South Kingstown RI Real Estate Market Statistics – November 2010

 South Kingstown RI Real Estate Market Statistics – November 2010

South Kingstown RI Real Estate Market Stats

The South Kingstown RI Real Estate Market Statistics for the month of November 2010 for sold homes are as follows:

22 South Kingstown RI homes sold with this breakdown:

1 home sold for $ 1 million

5 homes sold for over $400,000
5 homes sold for between $300,000-$400,000
11 homes sold for less than $300,000

Overall there were about 229 homes on the market during November 2010 in South Kingstown RI which was a 11% decrease over October 2010. The South Kingstown home inventory level is still robust so  buyers have homes to choose from and be selective about.  However, choices of homes in certain price ranges has diminished as the inventory level continues to decrease.  Mortgage rates continue to remain at low rates for buyers with rates around 4.5 %.

The number of homes sold in South Kingstown in November 2010 increased by 5 homes to 22.   Home sales continue to increase and along with pending sales, which remains strong, the South Kingstown real estate market has started to come back to better sales levels.

Pending sales in South Kingstown increased dramatically to a total of 28 in agreement in November 2010 which is up from 9 pending homes from the prior month.  There are more coastal and waterfront homes going into contract then in prior months.  So not only were South Kingstown RI pending homes sales up but so were sold home sales.  So the local market remains on the upstream. These are the South Kingstown RI Real Estate Market Statistics for November 2010.



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