South Kingstown RI Real Estate Market Statistics


South Kingstown RI Real Estate Market Stats

South Kingstown RI Real Estate Market Stats- September 2011

South Kingstown RI Real Estate Market Statistics – September 2011 is as follows:

26 South Kingstown homes have been sold in September:

1 home sold over $1 million (waterfront South Kingstown home)

6 homes sold over $400,000 (1 was South Kingstown waterfront)

13 homes sold for between $300,000-$400,000

6 homes sold for under $300,000


There were 268 South Kingstown homes for sale in September 2011 which was a 5% decrease over the prior month (13 fewer homes for sale).  Of these South Kingstown homes 20  homes are for sale in the over $1 million category.


The primary reason I share these South Kingstown real estate stats with you is to give you a better idea into the number of South Kingstown homes for sale, price range of homes that have sold and real estate market trends for the South Kingstown neighborhoods you may be considering buying into.   If your are a South Kingstown home seller, it gives you information on recent home sales.  My web site will give you very specific information to you also as you search RI real estate for sale especially if you are a buyer.  


South Kingstown continues to have a large supply of homes for sale and the waterfront and coastal South Kingstown homes for sale are selling at a slower pace.  However, the South Kingstown home sales are outpacing the other surrounding southern RI towns.  Also, remember that South Kingstown RI was rated by Businessweek Bloomberg as one of the top U.S. towns to raise children in 2010.


Home sold sales increased by just 1 home over August 2011 and there are 24 homes in pending status in South Kingstown RI (pending sales are down 33% over the prior month though).   Right now the home absorption rate for South Kingstown homes for sale is 10 months.  It is still a buyers market but well priced location homes moved the quickest.  


Many buyers continue to search for  waterfront and coastal homes South Kingstown for sale and if you want a  South Kingstown real estate specialist to guide you in this market, please give me a call at 401.529.7849.


  South Kingstown RI Real Estate Market Statistics.


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