South Kingstown RI Parks – the More the Merrier!

South Kingstown RI Parks – the More the Merrier!

South Kingstown RI Parks

South Kingstown RI is geographically located in the southern part of RI real estate and is part of the ‘South County’ area.  Besides its coastline and waterfront areas,
South Kingstown has an incredible amount of public parks for the residents to enjoy.

In fact, South Kingstown has over 16 public parks they maintain throughout the town all administered by the Recreation department. Not only ball parks, soccer parks, boating parks, tennis parks but also a skate board park! Here are some of the parks to explore:

Abbie Perry Park, Brousseau Park, Fagan Park, Junior High playfields, Marina Park, Old Mountain Field, Saugatucket Park, Treaty Rock Park, Tri-Pond Park, Tuckertown Park, Village Green, West Kingston Park, Town Farm, Town Beach, Hazard Memorial Gardens, Broad Rock Playfields.

Now some parks can be privately rented for parties and gatherings.  Contact the Neighborhood Guild and Recreation department of South Kingstown for detailed information and pricing structure.

Find directions here to all the above South Kingstown Parks. If you need more information on South Kingstown RI parks, call 401-789-9301.

Honestly, a South Kingstown RI resident can never be bored with all the activities the town offers its residents.


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