South Kingstown RI 02879 02880 Real Estate Market Stats


South Kingstown RI Market Stats

South Kingstown RI 02879 02880 Real Estate Market Stats


for March 2011 is as follows:

13 South Kingstown homes sold:

4 homes sold for over $400,000
4 home sold between $300,000- $400,000
5 homes sold for under $300,000

March 2011 was a month that had 219 South Kingstown homes for sale which was a 11% increase over the South Kingstown homes for sale in February. This is a healthy spring increase of homes on the market for this town and the more homes on the market the better it is for buyers!  So get ready to welcome the daffodils too.


South Kingstown RI real estate  has maintained a great inventory of homes on the market and the waterfront and coastal homes of South Kingstown remains a healthy market.  Truthfully, the mix of homes being sold is in all price ranges is great here.  Are you a ready, willing and able buyer?  Make sure you have been pre-approved by a mortgage person because you need to know what you can afford and what size mortgage payment you are comfortable paying every month.  Remember the Boy Scout motto – be prepared!


The 13 South Kingstown RI homes sold in March were down 13% over the prior month but this is just a slight decrease and do not believe this is a trend.  The buying and selling activity in this growing town is constant.


With the University of Rhode Island being the anchor college in this town and an outstanding university for this town, rental houses are an important part of the town’s landscape.  The University is an incredible venue for concerts and sports events too.  In addition,  South Kingstown has a premier arts center with Courthouse Center for the Arts with the best theater available in South County RI.  So much to appreciate here and enjoy.


Pending home sales (homes in purchase and sales agreement) remain steady which is an indication that South Kingstown home sales will continue in their current pattern. There are 30 homes in pending status in South Kingstown RI this past month which is 25% more than last month.


Based upon current sold and pending statistics, South Kingstown homes for sale are meeting many of these buyer conditions.  Give me a call today and let my expertise and knowledge of the the area work for you.


South Kingstown RI 02879 02880 Real Estate Market Stats


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