RI coastal real estate | Serve Up the Green

RI coastal real estate | Serve Up the Green


The best job I have ever had is showcasing RI coastal real estate to buyers in the Rhode Island communities from Westerly to Lincoln. RI coastal real estate People look at me funny when I say I found my passion after working so long in corporate life and making the switch to a self employed business owner.  There is nothing funny about it!  It is exciting to be able to discover that serving the clients who want to sell their home, land or multi family dwelling is a passion of mine.

My roots go back to working in a high level corporate environment for many years but restoring historic homes on the side.  Yes, it was a 24/7 existence besides raising my family.  My husband, who has passed, was a commercial fisherman and rarely home.  Independence was thrust on me so to speak.  Restoring the homes peaked at some point and the balancing act in that aspect of RI real estate decreased.


RI coastal real estateI needed something else to keep me sane and mentally fit to stay in corporate life. So it began the ‘serve up the green’ of the gardens to a mini organic farm in South Kingstown RI, aka, Lacey Farm.  It was a way to teach my kids healthy food and crazily working to do it all.  It was a joy and I did have helpers.  The produce and amazing plants that were grown were marketed every Saturday at the local farmers market.  It was a wonderful way to connect with others who shared the passion and love of good, healthy food locally grown.  It is something we all should do for our health and supporting local farmers…it is about serving up the green!


Real estate came at me suddenly ( I managed property management at a former company) but I knew how to do it, analyze cost factors and had the love of RI coastal real estate in my blood.  It is what drew me to this tiny state originally.  I am a water baby.  I really can not be far from the water.  The amazing pull of the RI seacoast is part of me and I share this passion with all.


As my clients will tell you, I have the passion in RI waterfront real estate everyday.  As a top RI real estate blogger, I am able to showcase my clients homes so well to sell.  I would love the opportunity to work with you!  RI coastal real estate | Serve Up the Green.


Ginny Lacey Gorman is your go to Rhode Island waterfront real estate agent for  RI coastal real estate and beyond…knowing the geographic area, schools, happenings and important tidbits of local information.  Email me at RiByTheBay@gmail.com to discuss your home sale or buy needs.  Work with a local real estate agent that knows her turf well!
Waterfront, oceanfront, luxury and coastal Rhode Island real estate are my specialty but all of RI is my backyard.   When you are in need of a real estate professional and specialist for your buying, selling or relocating needs and an internet savvy marketer who sells RI houses in this real estate market call Ginny at 401.529.7849.