Reflections on an Easter Day…RI style

Reflections on an Easter DayRI style

For all who have family with them it is a wonderful and gracious time of gathering and celebrating.  I always count my blessings in life by my family and friends and what God has given me through the struggles of death, loss and serious illness.  My life has prevailed …from near misses of survival it was just not my time to go… so as trite as it sounds I believe I am here to make a difference in small ways in others lives.


May the Easter Day bring you blessings of hope and rebirth in your endeavors…just live everyday fulfilled by helping another life outside your own.  Neighbors make our communities, keep the threads of intertwined lives holding fast and strengthen our bonds in life.  You may not know your neighbor but why not make a new connection this week…through your ministry, your food pantry, your senior center or mentoring program.  Start a rebirth process today!  There is always someone who needs what you have to offer. Reflections of an Easter Day…RI Style.