Red, red, red – oh is it the Sparkly Red Shoes

Red, red, red – oh is it the Sparkly Red Shoes

Red, red, red and oh, is it the Sparkly red shoes (well perhaps) although those of you who have had a glimpse of me know that I really like those sparkly red shoes…hey, it is my signature no less. No, it is what red means in so many ways in life.

Red,red, red …oh it is the sparkly red shoes

To some seeing red is the anger within which flies out of you or boils within…to some it is the heat of the passionate moment (which is so much better than anger)…to some it is the dawn of a new rising sun and a better beginning. Red explores the emotion within us and we all react differently by the cues within us- is it our hardwired selves or the things we have unconsciously learned in our years of travel through life and this business…the red sparkly shoes always remind me that there is nothing like home to anyone. It is the red warmth of home that makes us feel secure within.

And as a local real estate agent in bringing my local expertise, knowledge of a geographic area and willingness to do the best for my clients has everything to do with seeing red in the sparkly red shoes. It is the trust thing – when sometimes there is little out there for people to grasp onto, I hope I share what is part of my innate being with all my clients. It is the heart that pours out with truth to help those who seek your counsel and guidance.

It is that red Japanese maple tree that still stands with all its leaves on it when no other tree can that brought this out in me today. Its leaves will soon fall and join all others but for now it does have a significant presence in its surroundings. May you find that red in you that makes the day, week or year in your business and life that spirits you on to better beginnings than ends. Red, red, red – oh is it the sparkly red shoes…


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