Quonnie?! In Charlestown RI – Perhaps You Have Heard of Quonochontaug?

Quonnie is the Name or Quonochontaug?

Quonnie?! In Charlestown RI – Perhaps You Have Heard of Quonochontaug?  Quonnie is its nickname and honestly it certainly is much easier to say and spell!  Quonnie is composed of

waterfront Charlestown RI real estate

Quonochontaug Central Beach

three small and waterfront beach communities in Charlestown RI: West Beach, Central Beach and East Beach. Just off Route 1, this small area in Charlestown RI real estate encompasses the ocean front of Quonochontaugand showcases cottages to multi million dollar homes.  Located between two salt ponds, Ninigret Pond and Quonochontaug Pond, the communities of West Beach, Central Beach, and East Beach house mostly summer residents but you can find some die hard residents that love the privacy and beauty of the ocean front at Charlestown beach area year round!       There is definitely an ‘aura’ of sorts when you drive around the coastal and ocean front Charlestown real estate.  It is not like other waterfront Charlestown or South County RI areas.  It is a unique location…this east coast New England beach and sand dune location discovered by out of state buyers a decade ago.  It certainly is of the same caliber of neighborhood as Watch Hill to the south.

Quonnie RI real estate

View of Block Island could be Yours too?!

Actually after Regis Philbin  kept talking about Quonochontaug on his morning talk show after spending time here, I told people Charlestown real estate was going to be bought up by buyers from New York and Connecticut to this part of the state.  It did happen.  If you look at the tax rolls you will see that 80% of the property owned in here is out of state residents. Quonnie is high end luxury RI real estate and it is a rare find for a cottage under $500,000.   Watchful eyes are always on the lookout for a possible ‘silent’ sale from word of mouth through neighbors of a possible event property that may surface for sale.  Dang!  I wish I hadn’t passed up that rambling beach cottage years ago in Quonnie.

 It pays to have the connections or Real Estate Agent, ME, working for you to find these Charlestown ocean front real

Quonnie RI real estate

Quonnie coastal RI Home

estate gems for sale.  The finds are here and yes you will pay big money for waterfront here.  Yet a sand dune walk away from the pristine white beach are homes that may be possibilities for any buyer. If the community of Quonchontaug may appeal to you, connect with me on your Charlestown real estate needs.  Call me today at 401.529.7849 and let’s set up an appointment about your Charlestown real estate needs. 

Quonnie?! In Charlestown RI – Perhaps You Have Heard of Quonochontaug?


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