Queen Bee or SeaBee?

Seabee or Queen Bee?

Seabee is gnarly!

Queen Bee or Seabee?


North Kingstown RI at Quonset Point off of Post Road is the original home of the World War II Seabees. They were instrumental in WWII in being the maintenance arm of the Navy in order to keep the machinery humming as well as doing naval construction.


The Seabees restored the wonderful statute to the Seabees a couple of years ago.  Along with the museum they have to all these wonderful men who did so much for their fellow countrymen during this part of our history that are commemorated here in RI real estate.


They were the ‘worker bees’ of the military with tools in hand, ready to go, protect the machinery and men…what a cool statute…I always though a queen bee should be by their side. No such luck. It is a wonderful tribute to the Seabees and more local Rhode Islanders and visitors to our state should pop by to see it.


Queen Bee or Seabee?


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