Pricing Short Sales – Low as they Go- High as the Sky- It is Rhode Island

Pricing Short Sales – Low as they Go- High as the Sky-

It is Rhode Island



Short Sales in Rhode Island

Price the Home Just Below Market


In the world of RI real estate short sales, pricing is one of the keys to unlocking the door to a good transaction with the bank…along with the number of loans, who are the investors and servicer of the mortgage, investment property or owner occupied and more.  Focusing on pricing short sales is important and as a seller you MUST know it.


It is apparent in Rhode Island that many short sales are not priced correctly to sell and get a bona fide offer from a good buyer in a reasonable amount of time.  There was one in my neighborhood listed with a Real Estate Agent for 9 months and only moved the price downwards by $10,000 and the home still was priced above market value.  It ultimately went into foreclosure.  Was this the sellers or the Real Estate Agents fault?  Perhaps both….BUT a knowledgeable short sale agent should KNOW BETTER!  In my humble opinion and based upon my short sale experience.

If something is not working for you in life do you not seek a different direction?  I do hope so because as far as I know we all have one life to live here on earth.  If your real estate agent is not working for you find one who does.  Homeowners who are under water on their home, struggling financially, having a hardship, etc. need to talk with an agent that prices your short sale home correctly to sell and knows ‘how’ to get the short sale done to close with the banks.  If your agent is not doing the job, fire the agent you have and move on to one who delivers results.  

Is this the RIGHT time to short sale your home in 2012?  Contact me and my North Kingstown short sale team and find out why it

Pricing Short Sales - Low as they Go- High as the Sky

RI Short Sale Agents

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I am here to help, guide, and help sellers of all kinds of real estate and issues.  If I do not have all the answers believe me my legal team will find them out for you!  Reach out to me now, Ginny Lacey Gorman, at 401.529.7849.
 Pricing Short Sales – Low as they Go- High as the Sky- It is Rhode Island.
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