Plum Beach Real Estate- Saunderstown RI 02874 – North Kingstown RI 02852 Homes for Sale

Plum Beach Real Estate- Saunderstown RI 02874-

North Kingstown RI 02852


is a great waterfront and coastal area of

Plum Beach Real Estate in RI

North Kingstown or should I say Saunderstown RI?!  There is a certain ‘snob’ appeal noted by the locals with having a Saunderstown mailing address and the prestigious 02874 zip code ( oh you remember the one in California that is so coveted? Yikes! 90210!). 


Well we all have a lot of giggles about it because it is a great area to have a year round home or a RI real estate vacation home.  You can search for Plum Beach real estate for sale and see what the zip code will bring up for you at the moment.  It changes all the time as new homes and properties come on the market in this neighborhood.

Plum Beach neighborhood
is located just north of the Narragansett RI town line and after the Rte. 138 interchange to travel to Jamestown RI.  The location is excellent with the easy highway access- are you going to Providence or Newport?   Yet, it is the variety of homes in Plum Beach that make this real estate so interesting for buyers.  From old cottage style that has probably been in a family for years to renovated homes that show luxury living at its best.   This spot on Narragansett Bay has a slight geographical downward slope to a wonderful water line, Plum Beach Club, tennis courts and club house.  What is cool is that houses on the higher elevation point of Plum Beach real estate have great water views for homeowners.  Nearly everyone gets a water view and that is just so different from other waterfront North Kingstown neighborhoods.  It is what the homeowners here cherish.  You would too!


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Still the homes for sale here along the coastal land have the true designation of waterfront and luxury homes

Plum Beach Club

whether vacation or year round.  It is the sense of community here that draws waterfront buyers especially to the North Kingstown RI homes for sale in this vicinity.  Who can blame them- a true waterfront community that shares in its activities and has a communal spirit among neighbors.  Plum Beach is a neighborhood to explore.  Call me for a first hand viewing of great Plum Beach homes for sale and we will also check out the beach! 

Plum Beach Real Estate- Saunderstown RI 02874 – North Kingstown RI 02852 Homes for Sale.


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