Plum Beach License Plate – North Kingstown RI 02852- National Award Nomination

Plum Beach License Plate – North Kingstown RI 02852- National Award Nomination

In RI we are fortunate to have so many who care and


License Plate - North Kingstown RI

The RI License Plate with the Most!


raise funds for the preservation of historic landmarks which the Plum Beach Lighthouse is one. Situated in Narragansett Bay, it greets all travelers over the Jamestown bridge who love and admire the RI waterfront in all its pristine presence. So at this juncture of continued fundraising  ($72,000 raised and 3650 plates issued so far), the Plum Beach License Plate itself has been selected one of the top national finalists for ‘best license plate designs‘  for 2010. This is a honor for all those in the Plum Beach organization who worked on this license plate project the past two years – but more so for the restoration that subsequently resulted of the Plum Beach lighthouse.

This effort to bring the Plum Beach lighthouse back to its


North Kingstown RI lighthouse

Plum Beach Lighthouse – Well Restored


original ‘being’ has been due to the Plum Beach license plate sales.  My past blog posts on the plum beach license plate and the rally for funds to support this restoration effort have highlighted this local effort.  Plum Beach is a wonderful waterfront North Kingstown RI community of homes on Narragansett Bay.

It is not just the waterfront North Kingstown RI residents but also surrounding town supporters from Jamestown, Narragansett, South Kingstown, East Greenwich and Charlestown that have purchased one of these license plates to support the lighthouse rehab efforts.

Truthfully, I have received dozens and dozens of calls because of the blog posts on how RI residents can buy one of the Plum Beach license plates!

The Plum Beach license plates are still available and are ordered through the Friends of Plum Beach Lighthouse and applications are available at

The plates sell for $41.50 per set of two and $20 from each sale goes directly into the lighthouse maintenance fund of the non-profit Friends of Plum Beach Lighthouse group. Unlike other specialty plates available through the registry, there are no additional ongoing charges after the initial sale of the plate to you. It takes about four to six weeks to get the plates once the group has received the application.  So be patient!

best plate ended March 4 and the collectors group will announce the winner in the first week of April.  Anxiously, all involved with this endeavor wait for the results but never mind, everyone is thrilled with the success so far as the Plum Beach RI license plate.

Plum Beach License Plate Nominated- North Kingstown RI 02852- National Award Nomination.



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