Pilgrims Come in all Shapes and Sizes in RI

Pilgrims come in all shapes and sizes in RI!


Of course it is a Rhode Island style pilgrim and we do everything LARGE here.  When all you have are hay fields around you in this part of North Kingstown, you want to make sure you just do not feed the cattle and horses….put the hay to good use and create yourself a Thanksgiving Pilgrim in RI real estate.


Pilgrims in Rhode Island real estate at Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Scarecrow Pilgrim – North Kingstown RI


This guy is a good 20 feet high and withstands wind, rain, snow and doesn’t cuss!  So if you choose to venture out on South County Trail just past the Schartner’s farm stand in North Kingstown, you will be able to catch a glimpse of this pilgrim awhile longer.  I hear he is heading out after November 26th so don’t delay.


  Let us not rush the holidays along…Thanksgiving gives most of us great joy with family gathering around and sharing our bounty with those who have less.  From your North Kingstown Real estate agent…enjoy the week.


  Pilgrims come in all shapes and sizes in RI!


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