Pay it forward – North Kingstown RI- Donating to the local North Kingstown Food Pantry

Pay it forward – North Kingstown RI- Donating to the local North Kingstown Food Pantry

This is another in the pay it forward in one’s community, North Kingstown RI in donating to the Local North Kingstown Food Pantry from my real estate office.  What have you done this week to pay it forward in some way to an individual or group I ask?

We had much discussion at the office where we were going to donate our large check to help out some local organization that would be sure to pass on 100% of it to those in need. As outspoken and forthright as I can be, I made the strong case for the local North Kingstown food pantry when it was my turn to rally the troops.  I truly believe that everyone at the meeting looked back, as I so asked them to do, at some time in their life when someone was not there for them and how that felt.  The introspection did bring forward a tremendous amount of emotion from many and we agreed that the local food pantry would make the best use of our donation at this time of year.

It was with good spirit, feeling and hope for better days for those who most need it and will benefit from all the donations given but there is still so much more to do here.  We have as a real estate office pledged to work hard this year in this realm of fund raising for the local North Kingstown Food Pantry.  What better way to feel better about oneself than to give…there is more to do in local charitable work then ever that is for sure.

Consider your own charitable challenges of giving for the New Year and do Pay it Forward – North Kingstown RI -Donating to the local North Kingstown Food Pantry.

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