Pay it Forward in North Kingstown RI – Help a Child this Holiday Season

Pay it forward in North Kingstown RI – help a child this holiday

Pay it forward - give to a child

season no matter where you live.  It is such a tough time for so many families this year as I have shared in my post on the North Kingstown Food Pantry and the next holiday is already upon us. As part of my church’s giving spirit at Saint Frances de Sales, taking a tag from the ‘giving tree’ in our parish lobby is what it is all about to me.  I’ve grabbed a few tags and have more giving to do…I feel so fortunate this year especially.  And it is always time to give back in some way but giving to a child in need is always high on my priorities.

If you are of a spiritual nature, I am sure that your parish or synagogue has some way you can contribute to families in need this season.  All you need to do is reach out to any agency around you.  If you don’t belong to a religious denomination, head to the Salvation Army to assist or your local Food Bank.  There is always a need there.

When my kids were young we always adopted a family in need and made it part of our holiday tradition that we would do with less so we could give more to others.  My boys have maintained that spirit of giving in their own lives now as they pay it forward.  It is what helps make the next generation more sensitive, understanding and kind in the world we live.  Help your children understand the need to connect with others in giving ways.

To have a child do without on Christmas morning is a hard thing to experience.  I have worked with families who have struggled through the year to keep a roof over their head and this holiday season will be more than difficult.  You can be a secret Santa too – it’s a wonderful thing to do.  Pay it forward in North Kingstown RI – help a child this holiday season.

A public service post by your RI real estate agent, Ginny Gorman, who sells RI coastal real estate.