North Kingstown Train Station- MBTA to Boston- Wickford Junction

North Kingstown Train Station- MBTA to Boston-

Wickford Junction


North Kingstown Train Station - Wickford Junction

So it was that 12 North Kingstown Real estate agents and 1 mortgage lender on a mid-May day from Phillips Post Road Realty proved that the new 

North Kingstown Train Station at Wickford Junction

All aboard- Boston Bound

Wickford Junction train station in North Kingstown RI provided a sweet train ride to Boston. The North Kingstown train station provides easy access for commuters.

Committed to being at the forefront of promoting our North Kingstown community for our clients, sellers and buyers of real estate, this was a ‘I have done the Boston train trip’ from Wickford Junction excursion.

It was the MBTA to Boston today and such an easy and wonderful way to travel.

Parking in the lot was easy and convenient and a $4 fee for the day- not bad.  I headed to the train platform to meet my associates for the 9:15 a.m. train to Boston MA.  No stress, no traffic hassle and no $15 parking fees when arriving at a Boston destination.  Round trip train tickets to Boston were $18!  This was our way of previewing the sweet ride a la train style from our  North Kingstown home town to the great city of Boston. How else can we say to out of area buyers, ‘it’s so easy to commute to Boston now’…do your work en route with the wi fi, snooze or enjoy the views.  It is easy!  The car can not challenge the train here.

Tickets are bought on the train and then just sit back.  It is 15 minutes to the Providence Airport in Warwick from the North

North Kingstown Train Station visit

Kingtsown train station (why park at $15 a day anymore at the airport?)….it is 28 minutes to the Providence train station…it is 1 3/4 hours to Boston from North Kingstown in travel time (12 stops to Boston since it is a local run).

The time went by quickly believe me.

UPDATE December 2015:  The free parking Wickford Junction train parking garage is now closed down but RIPTA buses do stop here now to drop you off/pick you up.  It is probably necessary to park in the Walmart parking lot and walk to the train station if you are leaving your car.


So what are North Kingstown Real Estate Agents to do in Boston before their train back at 1:45 p.m.?  Act like a tourist, walk the city, enjoy the Boston surroundings and have a great lunch.  Off to the waterfront for lunch at a notable Boston establishment known as the Barking Crab.  On a gorgeous spring day seafood was in order and we ate and had time to walk back and hop back on the train.  Thank you Chaz Adams of Homestar Mortgage for the lunch treat!
By 1:45 p..m. we were leaving the Boston South Station and rolling back to North Kingstown and the Rhode Island real estate we all love…yes we arrived and can now share that the MBTA train to Boston is a great way to travel!  So if you are thinking of buying in and around North Kingstown give me a call at 401.529.7849 and let me share my knowledge of our community, real estate and Boston train rides you might need with you.
 North Kingstown Train Station- MBTA to Boston- Wickford Junction.  
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