North Kingstown Schools | 2012-2013

North Kingstown Schools | 2012-2013


It is the time that parents may rejoice in and children do whine about it.  The summer is nearly over officially but North Kingstown

North Kingstown Schools | 2012-2013 real estate

Ready, set, go on August 28th

schools are starting before the end of summer.

North Kingstown schools are back in session next week!  Time is here to finish all the book reads required for the children’s new grade level.  Can you believe summer is over and it is North Kingstown school time as of August 28th, Tuesday?!

North Kingstown Schools | 2012-2013
That is right August 28th is the first day of the new 2012-2013 for all North Kingstown students grades K-12.

Have you registered your child yet if you are new to the community?!  As a North Kingstown Rhode Island real estate homeowner or renter, you will want to call the school administration department and sign your child up for school now.


North Kingstown Schools | 2012-2013

Does an apple day really work?

Time for pens, pencils, notebooks, tablets, backpacks, personal computers or whatever your school is requiring.  It is an expensive time for parents to get through with their children.

Many parents are going to Connecticut or Massachusetts to grab the tax savings benefits  of buying school gear.  Is it worth for you?  Consider the gas and travel time to and see what works for you as a North Kingstown resident right now..

Get your children off to a safe North Kingstown School 2012 school year.  As always this blog is a North Kingstown public service from the North Kingstown agent, Ginny Lacey Gorman.

North Kingstown Schools | 2012-2013

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