North Kingstown RI Condos for Sale- What is the Hook Now?

Condos for Sale in North Kingstown – There is Always the Hook

North Kingstown RI Condos for Sale- What is the Hook Now?

Now? I am wondering how many condo owners really are paying attention to what their condo homeowner association boards or management companies are doing to manage and ensure their condos remain FHA approved and beyond.  In RI coastal real estate it is important if you require a FHA loan when borrowing.

North Kingstown RI Condos for Sale- What is the Hook Now?Working with sellers and buyers right now that want to be in North Kingstown condos has given me more cause to drill down on a number of points that you MUST know when you are looking at condo complexes.  Amazingly, the listing agents for the condos are clueless except to say -‘don’t worry the condo complex is FHA approved’- holy, moley that is not enough anymore based upon current lending guidelines.  Agents get on your game and find out needed information before you get buyers enthralled with a unit that will not be lendable unless a substantial down payment or a cash sale is made.

Listing agents in North Kingstown RI do need to spend the time finding out, on their condo sale units, at least some of the following:  number of investor owned, number in foreclosure, percentage of those not current on homeowner association (HOA) monthly fees, amount of capital reserves – just to name a few.  If you are a creditable listing agent you will know these things to share with buyers agents.  What is the hook now? Lenders are being more restrictive than ever because of the losses they are and continue to face with condo complexes.  Know how to buy a condo!

In the past days, I have spent time talking to at least three mortgage brokers and lenders to find out changing lending requirements with North Kingstown condos for sale and all of RI.  It behooves all of us in real estate to be able to have knowledge and application of the lending changes happening in our condo listing complexes so that it is not just a needed ‘cash sale’ transaction.

Most current North Kingstown condos for sale right here:


Know what is happening in the condo complex is an important part of your marketing agenda – do not just depend upon your seller to know the information.  Talk with the Condo Association President or the management company involved.  Get your facts straight so you can market that condo properly to a successful sale for your seller.


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