North Kingstown RI 02852 Real Estate Market Statistics

North Kingstown RI 02852 Real Estate Market Statistics Market Statistics

Real Estate Market Statistics for February 2011 are as follows:

19 North Kingstown RI homes sold, the breakdown is as

6 homes sold for over $400,000
5 homes sold for between $300,000-$400,000
8 homes sold for less than $300,000

In February 2011 there were 157 North Kingstown RI homes for sale which is 6 fewer homes on the market over January 2011.  The home inventory in North Kingstown has decreased about 9%.  However, sellers are preparing their homes now for the spring market and inventory will increase in another month or so- historically that has been the case.  Sales have started to take off again and we locals, not reluctantly, leave the winter weather behind us.  However, choices of waterfront North Kingstown homes for sale are there for the ready, willing and able buyers who have their pre-approvals in hand. Have you seen your mortgage lender lately?

North Kingstown RI homes sold for February 2011 were up by 58% this past month in the midst of this wintery season.  There is local excitement brewing as North Kingstown home sales continue in a positive and upwards vein.  A majority of the homes being sold continue to remain under $400,000.  Buyers and sellers alike are encouraged by sales as well as the continued number of buyers who have entered into agreements to purchase a North Kingstown home in the next month or so.

North Kingstown pending home sales remain up which is a good  indication that home sales will continue strong.

There are 27 homes in pending status in North Kingstown RI which is equal to the same number last month.  By the way, like all of us waiting for a good spring market in home selling so does the egret sit waiting for her spring offspring to hatch and leave the nest(picture).

In Rhode Island, and especially North Kingstown,buyers are looking for that ‘great’ deal of a home in the right neighborhood.  Based upon current sold and pending statistics, North Kingstown is meeting many of these buyer conditions.  Give me a call today and let my expertise  work for you!  North Kingstown RI 02852 Real Estate Market Stats – February 2011.


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