Narragansett RI Restaurant Week is Happening Right Now- Fire up the Appetites

Narragansett RI Restaurant Week is Happening Right Now- Fire up the Appetites

For all the ‘foodies’ out there in RI right now this is the

Narragansett beach

Come all you foodies to Narragansett RI

weekend to make the trek to experience southern RI cuisine at its greatest.  The third annual restaurant week is taking place in waterfront Narragansett RI through April 3rd so this is your opportunity to taste and tempt your palate with the various offerings at hand.

Now RI Restaurant Week is happening around the state in different cities but I always say to my real estate clients….remember it is all about the location and the location in Narragansett is all about the Beach!  There are a number of beaches to behold and enjoy.  So while you are partaking in the gastronomical delights of Coast Guard House (amazing Sunday brunches right on the waterfront of Narragansett), Arturo Joe’s (stuffed portobello mushrooms are scrumptious), Matunuck Oyster Bar (get the local ones on the half shell) or 23 other participating Narragansett restaurants, you should explore Southern RI, its beaches and hidden communities.

So I am foodie, Narragansett beach lover, besides being a local real estate agent and I just can’t help myself.  Southern RI or South County as these parts are known are incredibly fortunate to have the restaurants with 4 and 5 stars to choose from.  One does need to pace oneself as you fire up the appetite and need to spend time at the gym to work off the calories.


Lots of specials from lunches to dinners at all the Narragansett restaurants participating here.  So here is a great chance to try a few more Narragansett restaurants that may pique your palate.  Come on down, there are prix fix offerings and enjoy it with us this week…promise you will not be disappointed.

Narragansett RI Restaurant Week is Happening Right Now- Fire up the Appetites.


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