Narragansett RI Real Estate | December 2012 and Year Recap

Narragansett RI Real Estate | December 2012 and Year Recap


Narragansett RI Real estate market data provided by Ginny Lacey Gorman of waterfront RI real estate.


Narragansett RI Real Estate

Narragansett Beach


The following are the December 2012 monthly numbers of home sales:

  • Properties active and on the market: 112
  • Single-family properties closed in December 2012: 10
  • Average sales price: $ 657,240
  • Median sales  price: $527,500
  • Sales price to list price ratio: 90%
  • Average days on the market: 94
  • Sales currently pending: 22
  • Narragansett home absorption rate has crept up again to a home buyers market.

  • Breakdown of the 10 Narragansett RI home sales in December is as follows: 2 homes sold under $300,000, 2 homes sold between $300,000-$400,000 and 4 homes sold over $400,000 and 2 homes sold for over $1 million.  In December the over $400,000 home was the one that generated the most buying interest.  Definitely the waterfront Narragansett homes for sale were the hot properties!

Narragansett RI Real Estate | December 2012 and Year Recap

Homes Sold    Average  Sales Price    List Price/Sale Price    Days on Market

2011:     144                              $ 477,348                              92%                                          139

2012:    213                              $ 529,761                               92%                                          140

The Narragansett RI home sales market has been a strong selling market this year with the number of home sales up by 69 homes over prior year.  At year end 2012, the number of sales were up 48% over 2011!  Home prices rebounded here by a 11% increase in 2012 over the prior year.


Yes, these are actual home sale volumes that are remarkable.  The Narragansett real estate home buyers were out in full purchase mode to buy coastal real estate.  Here home prices have risen as we will see in this market report.


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The Narragansett community is a waterfront Washington county community that is known for its beaches, oceanfront Narragansett Pier,  fabulous seafood restaurants and schools.  This is all a great draw when put together for any Narragansett home buyer.


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