Narragansett Coastal Real Estate | Narragansett Pier

Narragansett Coastal Real Estate | Narragansett Pier


When people talk about Narragansett RI at the top of their conversation list is Narragansett Pier and beach. It is the signature location and glorious RI coastal real estate spot that excites all who come here. For when you enter the Pier area it is all about the beach! A magnificent stretch of white sands on the beach, rolling ocean waves and the Narragansett landscape of the Towers and greenery that is loved.

Narragansett Coastal Real Estate | Narragansett Pier

This is oceanfront landscape, a Narragansett Pier boardwalk to traverse next to the ocean and coastal RI real estate that draws all in who come here now. Miles and miles of beautiful Narragansett blue waters, steep rocks, great restaurants, homes anew and also from a bygone era and people who want to call it their home.

There is an immense attraction here for being by the ocean. It is a choice spot for surfers, we have our own legendary ‘Peter Pan’ of surfing and it is considered the best place to surf on the East coast!  Walking the Narragansett Pier cement boardwalk on Ocean Road to our spectacular pearly white Narragansett town beach just takes good shoes and some time. It is the hub of summer activity which has allowed great culinary restaurants and businesses to thrive around it.

Summer is the season here but it starts in the spring as the surfers line up on the waves, Rhode Islanders make their trek to admire the seawall and location that says it is beach time.

The Narragansett Pier of old was in its heyday at the turn of the century with the old money of titans here. The homes along Ocean Road magnificently stand staring at the ocean front with the grace they deserve. Many older homes have been restored, added onto or some have been torn down to make way for the new mansions that populate this coastal Narragansett real estate town. Yet the Pier community remains a wide berth of a coastal walking area with quiet side streets that have ocean views. Real estate is pricey here and finding that Narragansett Pier home for sale that suits you takes being ready, willing and fast acting sometimes. Having a good real estate agent by your side makes all the difference here.

Looking for a Narragansett Pier home for sale takes a keen and quick eye in today’s real estate market.

Narragansett Coastal Real Estate | Narragansett Pier

See the latest Narragansett Pier homes for sale here:

Finding the right luxury Narragansett home for sale to fit your needs is important. You do not want to miss a wonderful location or home that meets your needs. Like a safari, the watchful eye must be out there scanning and viewing the current market continuously for that right place in the Pier or beyond. From the side streets of Caswell and Boon Streets to Othmar and Brown Streets, the house hunt is the name of the game here.

Whether you are buying or selling in the RI coastal real estate market, I would love the opportunity to earn your trust and business.  Having lived for many years in the Pier community, I know and love it well.

As always, call me, Ginny Lacey Gorman, at (401) 529-7849 or email me at so we can discuss your RI real estate options.

Narragansett Coastal Real Estate | Narragansett Pier


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