Mount View North Kingstown RI 02852 is a Hamlet Waterfront Community on Narragansett Bay – a Hidden Gem!

Mount View North Kingstown RI 02852 is a Hamlet Waterfront Community on Narragansett Bay Hidden Gem!


Mount View Neighborhood - North Kingstown RI

Walk just a few feet outside your door!

The Hidden Gem of North Kingstown is Mount View located on Narragansett Bay – a cluster neighborhood of about 150 small cottages to Uber homes just 20 minutes from Providence, RI.  The North Kingstown RI waterfront homes for sale are always in demand here.  It is a community within a waterfront community where homeowners walk the streets (no not like your city street walkers), converse and share local conversation & enjoy the quaintness of being 8 minutes from a main road.  Yes, believe it or not you can pick up a cottage ranch in Mount View for under $225,000 and yes, it will have heat, water & septic (search for Rhode Island Real Estate)!


You can also find the $1 million buy in the North Kingstown waterfront home for sale and establish home ownership here.  But the true value of living in the waterfront Mount View community of North Kingstown is being on and by Narragansett Bay and enjoying the beach environment –

North Mount View Beach

you can clam, mussel and fish extensively on the beach here. Oh yes, boating & swimming are a passion here especially for the long time Mount View homeowners who swim the shoreline daily & year round…some just like to enjoy the solitude of the beaches which run on either side of the community roads and when I say you will experience solitude, peace & tranquility this is what you feel here…but it’s the waterfront that attracts the buyers of homes to Mount View in North Kingstown.

Here you may be the only one on the beach for hours at a time.  Now I’m not saying you will enjoy the cresting of waves here but you can softly hear the lapping of the waves on the beach even in the evening from the deck of any home within a few hundred feet of the bay.  It is a hidden gem for Buyers who want to find a great Narragansett Bay community that has a great village feel and has the variety of waterfront homes for sale to appeal to a wide spectrum of buyers.  So have I piqued your interest yet? summer, year round, retirement or vacation home is hiding here for you.  Mount View is the hidden gem of North Kingstown, RI.


Narragansett Bay

Here are some other waterfront home gems within North Kingstown RI 02852 to explore and if you need real estate help, can do attitude and an agent who treasures Narragansett Bay, please give me, Ginny Lacey Gorman at call at 401-529-7849 or email me at

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Mount View North Kingstown RI 02852 is a Hamlet Waterfront Community on Narragansett Bay – a Hidden Gem!