Living for Flowers – Rhode Island Real Estate – Passions

Living for Flowers – Rhode Island Real Estate – Passions


Thanks to a mentor and blogging associate, Katerina Gassett,I am being pushed more to ‘peel the onion’ so to speak about my other passions outside of real estate.  Those who know me know I live and breathe my calling of Rhode Island real estate.  It is the dedication to serve and be of service to qualified buyers and Rhode Island sellers (conventional or short sales) that inspires me to do better everyday in this profession.


Living for Flowers - Rhode Island Real Estate - Passions

But I have many other sides to me  especially regarding Flowers – le fleurs of Rhode Island so to speak...

If you have read my bio you will know that besides my intense corporate job in the past that I owned and operated an organic farm in Kingston RI where I resided.

Every Saturday for 13 years I took my exotic annuals and perennials to the Farmers Market (I did the South Kingstown farmers market) to sell them and share my knowledge with all.  It truly was my passion and my gardens were amazingI have been told.


Although I ran a small plant business, it was the evenings, early mornings and the rest of weekends that consumed the growing and propagating of different flowers.


I did have a living for flowers and the color palettes that colored my acreage would stop traffic many times.   I had exotic flowers that were still unheard of such as calibrachoas and striped cannas which are now found everywhere at garden centers.  I like to say that I introduced many of these plants into the homes of other avid RI gardeners that pushed the garden centers to start ordering these unusual varieties of flowers for the masses!


I had over 8 acres of growing land so a living for flowers took over my piece of Rhode Island real estate but it is and remains an essential part of my being in real estate.  My eye for curb appeal and landscaping does help my clients immeasurably in staging their homes.  Plus I always share plants with my clients!


Now I have a small lot that is engulfed in blooms from March through November every year.  Yes, a much smaller scale of flower passions exist because my time is well spent doing another thing I love.. real estate.  If you need assistance with flower growing or real estate, I would be happy to help.  Give me a call at 401-529-7849….the North Kingstown Real Estate agent.  Living for Flowers – Rhode Island Real Estate – Passions.


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