July 4th 2013 Rhode Island Style | George M. Cohan

July 4th 2013 Rhode Island Style | George M. Cohan


Rhode Island loves July 4th 2013!  It is the big event to celebrate the freedom we have and that our forefathers put into our Constitution.  Rhode Island coastal real estate is ablaze across Narragansett Bay with fireworks in at least 4 communities from Bristol to Warwick.  So in Rhode Island we love July 4th….we have the Bristol Day Parade happening which is the oldest parade in the nation for one.


Who else but George M. Cohan, a native Rhode Islander, who wrote Yankee Doodle Dandy makes us feel proud and celebratory!  Does that song get you up and enthused?  If you have any sort of Rhode Island blood flowing through your veins you do.  It is another reason Rhode Island loves July 4th, George M. Cohan style.


Independence Day in Rhode Island coastal Real Estate

Uncle Sam wants all of us to appreciate July 4th 2013 and every moment here.

Wishing you a healthy and happy 4th of July!  Enjoy family and friends and appreciate the freedoms granted to you in the USA.  Thinking long and hard about our military men and women who are out there every day for us in harms way.  Rhode Island loves July 4th!  July 4th 2013 Rhode Island Style | George M. Cohan.


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