January’s Dawn Rising

January’s Dawn Rising


North Kingstown RI Real Estate waterfront

North Kingstown RI – January morning


Hardly a woe is me day when the breathtaking views all icy and new await us with this early morning January snowfall.  It is the dawn of another day in the 365 day cycle that keeps us looking on.  This was yesterday’s picture I just could not post everywhere.  More snow is due today but nothing is more enticing than this pristine view of Narragansett Bay.  Yes, you can say I am partial to this waterfront.


How these crystals of water reflect so vividly in the rising sun and are such a joy for some and woe is me for many.  It is again the RI waterfront real estate landscape that beckons me on.  It is the snow that slows me down.

Aah, nature today wreaks havoc on the RI real estate travels of a North Kingstown Real Estate Agent that has houses to show, homes to list and market analyses  that await me.  Like they say sometimes beauty (okay, icy molecular structures) is only skin deep…appreciation of slipping and sliding does nothing for the one that lands on one’s kiesta.  It will be snow boot tread time for sure – I need safety not cracked knees at this point.
  January’s Dawn Rising.
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