Jamestown RI Real Estate Market News – October 2012

Jamestown RI Real Estate Market News – October 2012


The Jamestown Rhode Island real estate market for the month of October 2012 is shared here.

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Jamestown continues to have a large luxury home inventory and minimal home sales.

However, the Conanicut Island of Jamestown has spectacular waterfront RI real estate on all coasts and inland property.  Let us look at how sales are going recently.


7 Jamestown home sales were as follows October 2012:

     7 homes sold greater than $400,000

Jamestown RI Real Estate Market News – October 2012

There were 82  Jamestown RI homes for sale in October which is 12 % less homes on the market from the prior month.  Jamestown RI home sales have increased by 3 with 7 homes sold.


The coastal Jamestown RI real estate’s shore still remains one of the more desirable oceanfront buys for RI home searches. However, this luxury Jamestown real estate market continues to struggle with home sales.


 With the median Jamestown home price at $530,000, this real estate market draws in the luxury home buyers to this Conanicut Island.  This median price has decreased by 10% over the prior month sales.




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Beavertail Jamestown RI view of Newport Harbor


A recap of Jamestown’s home sales in October 2012 are as follows:

Ocotober showed the average sale price of a Jamestown home was $567,714,  sold at 92% of list price and was on the real estate market on average for 202 days.

The Jamestown home median sale price was $530,000, sold at 93% of list price and was on the market for 162 days.

Jamestown Rhode Island real estate at Beavertail Park

 Jamestown RI Real Estate Market News – October 2012

It could be better. The numbers tell me that homes on the market are a bit overpriced, they are not selling until the list price better reflects the buyers perception of fair market value. Buyers will reflect these numbers in their offer to purchase. If you overprice it, expect a lower offer price from the buyer.

7 Pending homes sales for October 2012 which is equal to the prior month.

There are 27 luxury waterfront Jamestown RI homes for sale (greater than $ 1 million) which is 33% of the town’s real estate market.  This town island continues to have a large supply of homes for sale and the oceanfront, water front and coastal Jamestown RI homes for sale. 


If you are considering selling your Jamestown home and you would like a comparative market analysis, feel free to contact me at 401.529.7849 or email me at RiByTheBay@gmail.com to set up an appointment.  I would love the opportunity to help.  If you are interested in buying a home, I will be happy to assist you as well and provide guidance and negotiating skills every step of the way.

Jamestown RI Real Estate Market News – October 2012.


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