Jamestown RI Real Estate | January 2013


Jamestown RI Real Estate | January 2013


Jamestown RI real estate market data for Jamestown, RI provided by Ginny Lacey Gorman of waterfront RI real estate for January 2013 is as follows:

  • Properties active and on the market: 66         

    waterfront Jamestown RI real estate view

    Jamestown RI real estate view that is not for sale!

  • Single-family properties closed in November 2012: 2      
  • Average sales price: $ 273,000
  • Sales price to list price ratio: 98%
  • Sales currently pending: 4
  • Jamestown’s home absorption rate: Based on this most recent home sales data, the Jamestown real estate market is an extreme buyers market.  However, many homes were taken off the market for the winter. 

  • Breakdown of the 2 homes sold in January is as follows: 1 home sold under $300,000 and 1 home sold over $400,000.

Compared to Jamestown home sales in January 2012, the real estate market is off by 60% in January 2013.  The decline can be due to this year’s cold winter.


Jamestown RI real estate

Jamestown RI real estate views

Last month’s real estate statistics showed home prices have decreased for the 2012 year over 2011 by 9%.  


The Jamestown RI community is a waterfront Newport County community that is known for its coast line,  Beavertail State Park, exceptional homes and good living..


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