Jamestown RI – Jamestown Windmill – 1787 History

Jamestown RI – Jamestown Windmill – 1787 History


  Conanicut Island is the home of Jamestown RI real estate….yes, it has the most wonderful state park affectionately known as Beavertail.  As a Rhode Islander it is a must stop with

Jamestown Windmill-Jamestown History - 1787

a friend or your honey to watch the pounding of the surf on the rocks, definitely watch an incredible sunset or just walk the rocks after driving around the Beavertail lighthouse which is still very functional.  As an island, Jamestown is located between the East Bay (Newport) of RI and the West Bay (North Kingstown) as we Rhode Islanders label our sides of the state.  Sounds a little bit like the North and the South during the Civil War but actually it is not at all a fighting spirit here….it is how we locate ourselves!

Actually I wanted to share this beautiful structure known as the Jamestown Windmill off of North Road in Jamestown with you.  Built in 1787 this 30 feet tall windmill was built to grind corn since the British had destroyed the previous windmill during the Revolutionary War.  Now on the National Historic Register, the Jamestown windmill stands tall and seems so out of place among the new mega mansions built now on this island of 5400 inhabitants.  It is the antiquity and history of the Jamestown Windmill that reminds us that our past does follow us and must be preserved.  We owe that to our successors.  I just love the history here- it adds a wide expanse of different venues of real estate to experience and I am in the thick of it! Jamestown RI – Jamestown Windmill – 1787 History.


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