Jamestown RI 02835 Real Estate Market Statistics – September 2010

Jamestown RI 02835 Real Estate Market Statistics –

September 2010

The Jamestown RI current market reports are brought to you by Ginny Gorman, RI coastal real estate agent, of RI real estate.

The Jamestown RI 02835 Real Estate Market Statistics for the month of September 2010 for sold properties are as follows:

13 Jamestown RI homes sold in September:

2 homes sold for over $1 million

7 homes sold for over $400,000
3 homes sold for between $300,000-$400,000
1 homes sold for less than $300,000

Overall there were approximately 90 homes on the market during September 2010 in Jamestown RI 02835 which was a negligble 1 % decrease in the number of homes over the prior month of August 2010 (a decrease of 1 home on the market).   The inventory level remains steady and buyers still have a good supply of homes to choose from and be selective about.  Realize also that mortgage rates continue to remain at extremely low rates for buyers.  It is a great time to buy a primary or vacation home in Jamestown RI.

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The number of homes sold in Jamestown increased  by 11  homes over August’s sold number of homes to 13  homes sold in September.   Sales of higher end Narragansett Bay and ocean front home continues strong here.  Home sales may be slow moving in some months but right now Jamestown home sales are on the upswing.  As a premier island connected by both the Jamestown and Newport bridges, this water front community has home values remaining strong.

Pending sales decreased slightly to a total of 6 homes in agreement in September 2010 which is down from 6 homes the prior month. However, the prior pending sales moved to closed sales which is positive news.

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