Jamestown RI 02835 Real Estate Market Statistics – January 2011

The Jamestown RI 02835 Real Estate Market Statistics for January 2011 are as follows:

3 Jamestown RI homes sold this month, the breakdown is as

2 homes sold for over $400,000
1 home sold for between $300,000-$400,000

In January 2011 there were 71 Jamestown RI homes for sale which is 3 more homes on the market over December 2010.  There are ups and downs in RI real estate.

The home inventory is showing a very slight uptick with the new year and sellers prepare for better weather bringing buyers in.  Sales are unusually slow right now.  Choices of waterfront homes and oceanfront homes are there for the ready, willing and able buyers.  Some of the homes sold in past months in Jamestown were paid with cash so the mortgage rates did not matter to these buyers.  However, it is important to know that the early 80’s had mortgage interest rates up to 18% which we hope not to see again! Lo and behold most buyers need to have a mortgage on their home

Jamestown RI homes sold for January 2011 were down from

Jamestown Market Stats for January 2011

6 homes sold the prior month to 3 homes sold.

With the snowy and wintery season upon us, this is an unusual and sluggish pattern for Jamestown home sales. This is normally a buying period for waterfront homes in Jamestown.   Actually the heavy snows have negatively impacted the home buying market in January in Jamestown too.  We are all waiting for the snow to move North and stay gracefully on the mountains!  Enjoying the island is one of the most pleasurable things to do on this island of Jamestown-Beavertail State Park, marina, restaurants, shops, beaches and short hop to Newport.

Pending home sales remain up which is a good  indication that Jamestown home sales will be steady. There are 2 homes in pending status in Jamestown RI this past month and being near the  coast and on Narragansett Bay or near the ocean is a big draw for many buyers due to current pricing. The two home in pending are wonderful smaller homes with walk to water access.

Buyers still are actively looking for the right price, location, features and condition in homes in Jamestown RIJamestown RI 02835 Real Estate Market Statistics – January 2011.


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