Jamestown RI 02835- Conanicut Island- Jamestown RI Real Estate- It is About the Location!

Jamestown RI 02835- Conanicut Island- Jamestown RI Real Estate- It is about the Location


Southern RI has many

Jamestown RI 02835

Jamestown RI

spectacular waterfront communities such as North Kingstown, South Kingstown, Narragansett and Charlestown and one of my favorites for great RI real estate and its spectacular location is Jamestown RI.  Jamestown RI is 30 minutes from Providence RI and is on Conanicut Island in Narragansett Bay (west of Newport RI and east of North Kingstown RI).  There are approximately 5400 residents (2010 census stats) and a much broader summer community base of visitors.

Jamestown RI is the town and it does maintain its quaint seaside village flair.  Being on an island 9 miles long and 1 mile wide connected by two bridges, living here feels like a country unto itself.


Based upon the latest Jamestown RI town survey of residents it is the location, village feel and natural environment with Narragansett Bay that makes Jamestown RI a highly desirable area to live in.  Homes range from $300,000 to $9.5 million in Jamestown so there is a wide spectrum to choose from and you will not see ‘subdivisions’ on  Conanicut Island.  As well as you will find no two homes alike whether custom built or renovated cottages the choice of design and views are endless.


Of course, the most desirable of homes have waterfrontor a great water viewof Narragansett Bay.  My out of state buyers love the tranquility and openness of Jamestown RI and it certainly one of the gems of Rhode Island’s coast.  One thing you will not find (at least not as of yet) is many short sales or foreclosures in Jamestown.


Jamestown RI tries to remain true to its agricultural base and while the majority of homeowners work off the island, there are self

Jamestown RI Homes

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sustaining agricultural farms on the island such as Watson Farm with over 250 acres of farmland.  This farm will be preserved in its entirety from generation of generation contributing to the life blood of Jamestown RI community.


Of course if you are new here as a visitor you will want to explore the Jamestown ‘town’ area which is on the west side of Conanicut Island and on the corners of Conanicus and Narragansett Avenues…if you blink too fast it may be gone…it is a short stroll up and down the streets of well plated restaurants (Sympatico Trattoria is one of my favorite restaurants here), sweet ornamental shops and local bars where one can have a micro brew on tap on a warm day.


Don’t forget to stop by BeavertailState Park on the southern end of the island and bring an early evening picnic dinner to watch a magnificent sunset here or enjoy the hiking trails within.  There are two historic forts to explore with Fort Wetherill and Fort Getty with camping at Fort Getty- both have premier Jamestown waterfront views.

Yes, when we say location, location, location in the real estate world it is no doubt that Jamestown RI fits that saying.


So preview homes in Jamestown RI for sale here.

Southern RI Real Estate is my backyard…if you are interested in the Jamestown RI community or beyond, please do not hesitate to give me, Ginny Lacey Gorman, a call at 401-529-7849 or email me at ginny@RiHouseHunt.com today.  Let this Jamestown RI Real Estate Agent put her real estate expertise for work for you.


Jamestown RI 02835- Conanicut Island- Jamestown RI Real Estate- It is about the Location!
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