Is it About Leprechauns on Saint Patrick’s Day?

Is it About Leprechauns on Saint Patrick’s Day?


Certainly there is very little true Irish in me ( I was married to a true Irishman though) but I learned years ago to believe in the pots of

It is about the Green in RI Real estate on St. Patrick's Day

It is all about being Irish even in real estate today

gold at the end of the rainbow and that 4 leaf clovers are a lucky find.  May not have much to do with RI real estate but in many ways helping a seller or buyer reach that gold pot is what I, as a RI Real Estate Agent, am after.


So even leprechauns with their ‘au naturel’ earthy clothes colors on this holiday lead us along in our beliefs…because as folklore does tell us they are a kind of faerie of sorts that only seem to inhabit the island of Ireland.  Tough luck for us in the USA for sure.    But I do believe in luck and timing and do not know if the leprechauns of yore have any time travel in them to assist a North Kingstown Real Estate Agent…probably not.  The skill and knowledge is gained in this real estate business by hard work and dedication to the field.  The 4 leaf clovers are always appreciated though.


If you are looking for your pot of gold on Saint Patrick’s Day or any other day in the Rhode Island real estate world, please give me a call at 401.529.7849 …I do have the sparkly red shoesto guide you home.  Is it About Leprechauns on Saint Patrick’s Day?


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