How does Your Life Grow for You?


Ducklings in a human world


How does your life grow for you?

Do you revel in each day of living and being on this earthly planet well?  How well connected are you with your children or parents?  Each day brings new surprises, challenges, and hopefully new beginnings.  My family of geese I have been watching in my North Kingstown Quidnessett neighborhood are changing so rapidly.  One of the ducklings I was able to photograph has grown so much I had to share it with you this morning.


One of the amazing things that attracts me to watching the geese is

Duckling Troop

their family bonds….how much the parents shepherd, nurture and guide the ducklings to adult hood.  The ducklings in RI real estate always seem to develop well into adult hood well.  The parent geese come back every year to the same quiet pond and location to hatch and nurture their newborn ducklings.


Can we not learn more from this species as humans…Why do we have such challenges in bringing children up in our 21st century world and can we not do more to follow a tried and true path for raising children in this social media environment?  What do you bring to the table to help the future generations that are after us excel in this world of so many challenges…So tell me how does Your life grow for you?


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