Home is Where the Heart Is- Have You Bought that Heart Yet?

Home is Where the Heart Is- Have You Bought that Heart Yet?


  Oh you can call a home the heart of the family, the nesting place, warm

"heart home"

RI Homes have Heart

Home is where the heart is

Home is Where the Heart Is- Buy Your Home Now

abode, all mine and on and on.  But what really is a home to a home buyer?

– It is all mine says a buyer (and maybe the bank’s too)…a piece of the heavenly earth with a home on it!

– My landlord can take a hike and so can his $200 a month increase in rent again this year

– Memories that are long lasting, treasured and all yours because everything you do in this house will be distinctly remembered (even the plunging of the toilet!)

– House payments are better than Rent payments

– Establishing roots in a community just like a seedling tree being nurtured in growth and soon the nest will appear on it

– You mow your grass when you want to but hopefully when it is under 6 inches

– The Christmas lights on the front door are your decision and the fenced yard with the hot tub is yours as well

– Mortgage payment interest is tax deductible, rent is not

– Real estate taxes paid are tax deductible for your home too

– It is your land not their land…so place red hearts all over the lawn…it is tastefully your inalienable right

– When you go to sell that home where the heart is, the IRS allows you to exclude $250,000 for single homeowners and $500,000 for married couples of any profit from the sale of your home as long as you have lived in it at least 2 of the past 5 years.


There are many more reasons to buy a house that is all YOURS and it is a great time like no other to find a home at a great price with low interest rates.  The choices and inventory of homes are here all around for you at all price points – so do not wait any longer to buy your home.  Get pre-qualified by a mortgage lender and then give me a shout out as the North Kingstown Real Estate Agent to help guide you in your home search.  I can help you find the home where your heart is…and will be.


Home is Where the Heart Is- Have You Bought that Heart Yet?


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