Halloween Costumes and Halloween Trivia

Halloween costumes and Halloween Trivia


It is about the holiday on October 31st first and foremost and what the Halloween ghouls and

Halloween shenanigans

the Princess Bride

goblins (aka boys and girls) want so much to be dressed up as…let’s see according to the latest stats on this boys want to have Halloween costumes as Captain America or Green Lantern and girls want to be Disney princesses…


How about the grown up boys?  Their desire is to be Charlie Sheen (some latent fantasy here I assume?!) and the grown up girls is the Black Swan ( who can forget that movie!).  Oh, and then we have tweenies and the zombies seem to win out here hands down.


So hopefully you are better equipped to buy all the add ons that one will need for the Halloween costumes at hand.


It so amazes me how the Halloween ‘trunk-n-treat’ phenomenon has taken over the door knocking around the

Halloween Costume

Zombie Woman is Big at Halloween

country.  It all has to do with child safety for sure and keeping our little ones safe nowadays.

Curious Halloween Trivia that grabbed me by surprise:


-Over 1.1 billion pounds of pumpkins grown in this country every year
-Trick or treaters in the 5 year old to 14 year olds number 41 million…okay there must be some grown ups in disguise too
-Over 24 pounds (yes, this is measured) per person of candy is consumed every year in the USA!


Who has young children right now and are thinking dentistry school is a wonderful profession! lol..it is a great profession wouldn’t you say.  Hmm, should I reconsider my North Kingstown real estate bent at this time in life…never too late to start anything I say.

Get you Halloween treats on and enjoy the upcoming holiday…there is a kid in all of us!  Halloween costumes and other Halloween Trivia.


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