Glowing and Growing in the Eco Green Garden


Glowing and Growing in the Eco Green Garden.

Now some may say that I may have a tendency

Ginny's Garden

Kafir Lily

for onomotopeia’s but I just like the letter ‘G‘ in what I do.  Like gardens, green growing, ginny in her glowing sparkly red shoes…you get the drift here.  Actually, I have my outside organic vegetable garden underway which is a mere feat here in RI in this crazy weather. The organic growing RI gardener, Ginny, is here!

As some of you know I had an organic farm, Lacey Farm, for many years in Kingston RI.  Then I went back to my 12 x 12 foot gardens and just intensively planted them with lots of great vegetables.  The garden actually sustained the household with great produce to December.


Add the compost and/or creating your compost is a must in an organic garden …remember recycle, renew and reuse is the motto of today.  Even if you just do a whiskey tub or a planter garden- it is so rewarding to harvest your own healthy food.

So now my rhubarb is up, blueberry bushes ok, kale, spinach and swiss chard up and I just planted the baby lettuces today that I had hardened off by the side of the house.  Even the parsley made it through the winter along with the other pungent herbs is grow (sage, oregano, savory).  It is the start of a great spring and I just love my eco garden.  The birth of plants and the growth patterns of life remind us of our seasons within us.  Just like a better RI real estate market.

You might ask why does Ginny have those gallon milk jugs in her garden…well i read in Wired magazine that they are a great plant insulator when filled with water.  They retain the heat of the sun and give it off to the plants in the evening protecting them and helping them to grow.  It seems to work so you might try it.

By the way, this is the first year in over 7 years my renowned Kafir Lilies (Clivia) are blooming with stunning huge blooms…I think it is a good sign of things to come…

Glowing and growing in the eco green garden



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