FANNIE MAE Delivers Well to my Buyer- Better Late than Never

FANNIE MAE delivers Well to my Buyer- Better Late than Never


This was one busy week for all my clients from accepted offers to home inspections to the surprise of all!!  Are you ready and I have to share this

Waterfront Warwick RI REO Home in contract to sell

FANNIE MAE Home- Warwick RI

for my first time home buyer because she has been an amazing and patient client throughout this REO (real estate owned – bank owned) home purchase…FANNIE MAE agreed to do all the repairs we requested even though it was an ‘AS IS’ Warwick home for sale that she had a real estate purchase contract on.  Woo Hoo!  We all jumped up and down.


The listing agent was truly buffaloed…it had not happened in a long time on all the other FANNIE MAE contracts.  In fact, all the requests for home repairs that were deficient were summarily rejected.  It must be my good Karma I told the listing agent and he just laughed…’it may be Ginny’ he said.  Well as they say we are not looking this gift horse in the mouth but have jumped right on it.


The contractor for the Bank on this one along with his crew had the home repairs

done within the week…this is amazing in itself.  Just to refresh memories on this waterfront Warwick RI real estate find of a home…we have been waiting since May 2011 to get to closing!!  Patience, virtue …oh, you know all those good things but it really took 3 people to get it done on the non- bank side.  The listing agents persistent coordinator, a pesty North Kingstown Real Estate agent who would rail everyday for updates & why nots and a wonderful home buying client.  When you have a gem of a home purchase it is worth to hold onto …although at this point we were all very weary in the process.


So we are 2 weeks to closing and hope we have no more missteps by the Bank or the buyers lender.  I want to have her in by Halloween no less!  Thank you FANNIE MAE for stepping up finally to this platter of repairs.  We are grateful and let’s make it to closing table now.


FANNIE MAE is delivers Well to my Buyer- Better Late than Never.


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