Family Room Flooring Trends | North Kingstown RI

Family Room Flooring Trends | North Kingstown RI


Family Rooms are one of the most popular spots of the home in North Kingstown RI real estate. It seems that this is Family Room Flooring Trends | North Kingstown RI real estatewhere the bulk of the “awake” time is spent and it’s a room that is fun and where the family just hangs out.

Because this room gets heavy usage (and often it’s a key place to eat snacks), the floors often need to be replaced here more often.

Here’s what I’m seeing from a trend perspective in North Kingstown RI


1. Hardwood flooring is usually the preferred flooring choice for family rooms in North Kingstown RI. It looks great, it’s warm and inviting and it last longer. I see so many families trading up from carpet to hardwood…because, the carpeting gets dirty and worn down pretty quickly. Hardwood flooring, especially solid hardwood, will last for centuries. It’s easier to clean up and less costly to maintain (you can avoid carpet cleaning annually, too.


2. When hardwood is too expensive, laminate tends to be the next choice for the family room. Laminate shares similar properties to hardwood in terms of look and ease of use and it will last a heck of lot longer than carpet.


3. When the budget only allows for carpeting, then looped berbers are the 3rd choice. These carpets tend to be on the less expensive side, but more importantly, they tend to hold up fairly well (compared to a solid cut carpet) and with the multiple colors, they tend to hide dirt more. Nylons and nylon blends will hold up better vs. olefin and polyester, but they do tend to cost a bit more.


 Family Room Flooring Trends | North Kingstown RI.


This was written by Debbie Gartner, The Flooring Girl of Westchester NY 914-937-2950.  Debbie is a flooring expert and is a guest contributor to my web site and blog with her flooring posts.


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