Energy Savings in RI | National Grid Saves Homeowners Money

Energy Savings in RI | National Grid Saves Homeowners Money


Who does not want to be greener in the way we live?  Energy savings in homes is what helps start up companies fuel their endeavors.  In Rhode Island we are lucky to be offered a program from National Grid, our primary energy provider, that will save

Energy Savings in RI | National Grid Saves Homeowners Money

National Grid Get House Fit Program

homeowners money in electricity and other energy costs.  And yes, it is all free to the consumer!

Get House Fit is the name of the program and I have already gone through phase 1 and 2 of it.  First, I had the energy audit evaluation done to see where they can make my home more energy smart.  An evaluation was done and since my gas usage is above similar neighbors cost, I wanted that tackled first.  I do not have enough insulation in my attic by any means so I have contracted with RISE engineering to have more insulation done and a ‘blower’ test on my house to see where the heat is escaping from.  That is to be done next week.  What is amazing is that due to my having gas heat, National Grid will pay 75% of the cost for making my house energy fit and tight!  Now if you have oil heat, the savings National Grid offers is 25% off the approved contractor cost to do it.  It is a no brainer for sure.

Energy Savings in RI | National Grid Saves Homeowners Money

Low cost lighting

Secondly, National Grid offers free LED and CFL light bulbs to replace your regular bulbs which will save a huge amount of money in electricity costs.  Also, inside and outside light fixtures can be replaced by National Grid, chosen from their catalog, at a cost of $10 each and installed by a licensed electrician (all inclusive).  Not bad.  I had replaced my interior light fixtures awhile ago but had not changed my outside lights which I had done today through the National Grid program.

Reduced costs for water heaters and furnaces are also available.  There are a myriad of energy savings for all those who own RI real estate available.  Lastly, will be the blower test next week to identify my energy leaks.  Also, the installation and replacement of 38 light bulbs for energy efficient ones – all at zero cost to me!

So how do you get started with National Grid’s House Fit program?  Call 1-888-633-7947 today and ask for your own energy audit and see the savings for yourself start building.

Energy Savings in RI | National Grid Saves Homeowners Money


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  1. Thomas boylan says

    Hi I am interested in getting my electric bill lower by getting those new light bulbs installed. We live in a small home and I still pay on average $130 a month for electric. Not sure why it’s so much. I hope the bulbs can help. My boss did it at his house and had rise come in for free and change his bulbs. He said he noticed a difference. Please advise as to how I can get started thanks!