Does Your Thankfulness Come from the Heart?

Does Your Thankfulness Come from the Heart?


I am not one to say it comes from the brains since I am a heart driven person in all I do perhaps more than is good for me.  But hearing yesterday

Heart Felt Thankfulness

Attitude of Gratitude

that one of my associates is in hospice certainly threw me back on the floor.  How can this be?  She shared nothing with any of us who knew her and her cancer took hold so quickly in a young life.  It gave me chills – no chance to say goodbye and thank you for the smiles.  It made me reflect on why I am here and she will not be.


When one of my young sons asked me at the time, ‘Mom, does that mean you are going to die?’ it took me aback.  I never considered that an option for me but of course my doctor felt I was someone naive.  The diagnosis of cancer always shakes one up.  My life meant too much to me and I had no intention of my kids being alone …they were the heart of my life.  Yes, my life had become unbalanced with work and being the single breadwinner put the pressure on me to provide.


This disease changes all for the moment.  One can’t wait as my friend did to not heed the signs and go with your gut…to be thankful here that my heart and mind were well connected and I so believe that resulted in my healing.  Most would choose the medical regimen protocols but I did not.  And yet I am here and I was told there is no medical explanation for that result.


I still believe there is power in surviving and reason to help, reach out and make a difference in others lives who are struggling with difficulties in everyday life.  There is a reason for all our lives to be here…to be more than thankful for this gift of living if we would only listen to the quiet sounds that whisper to us.  Choose to listen, be thankful you can make a difference in someone’s life and do it, it doesn’t take money necessarily but it does take your time and heart.  I do believe Ginny Gorman has her role in life to make a difference.


Find a cause, be a mentor and as they say just do it.  Be thankful for the life you are given because you are here, you have been given life and someone else has not. But do something with it too!

Does Your Thankfulness Come from the Heart?


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