Do You Live Under a Log?

Do You Live Under a Log?


or are you a power house of real estate information that ignites all those around you in a challenging

Log Living is not fun

Log Living is for other creatures!

economic time…this is the now when a picture is worth more than words…well who wants to under a log or even be the log?  It is all about the inner you, the Y, and actually taking charge of your business and not just thinking about what you need to do.  It is about the doing of all of it.  This has everything to do with real estate and nothing to do with it.  It is about business!


The creative strength of blogging, links, google+ and social media can all be too much for many but it will bring you more business if you do it well and consistently.  Start small and think big!  It is my mantra in RI real estate.


The small business owner is the power house engine the economy needs to rev up.  Are you partnering and/or mentoring to assist one another in your community?  It is what it is all about.  As the North Kingstown Real Estate Agent, I spend time with other North Kingstown and South Kingstown business owners less knowledgeable in the social media arena to bring them up to speed to help grow their business.  If their business grows, I hope mine will get some spill over.  It is about partnership, support and good will.  Start today…consider it your pay it forward in a small way. Let us be the start of a self initiative that makes the difference in each of our towns.

Do You Live Under a Log?


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