Crazy Investors who Hang You Out to Dry – Don’t Mess with my Short Sales

Crazy Investors who Hang You Out to Dry – Don’t Mess with my Short Sales


ClotheslinePersonally I enjoy working with most investors.  I can find them what they want and deliver it to them at the sales price point they need.  What I do not like is to be jerked around by investors who have their fingers in too many pies- foreclosures and short sales, predominantly.


This is a free market economy and I am all for the red, white and blue American free enterprise this country has thrived on.  However, when investors play cat and mouse with my short sales I am like a lion defending my turf and clients.


Recently an investor buyer made a solid offer on a short sale.  However, they continued to stonewall supplying their legal documents that the bank required to see.  Shouting, hand throwing in the air, accusatory that they have never had to do this before for any purchase…and on and on.  So I saw this a coming.  Had my back up offers ready to go and last night I was on the phone to both of them.  The investor withdrew his offer by a text message- some class.


Good real estate business means not hanging my seller out to dry and show investor/buyer dark sides to me and everyone else I will share this bad behavior with.  I do not take kindly to being subverted after a gushing assurance from you that you are definitely committed for the long haul.  I dislike being jilted on short sales!  It goes deep to my client and I feel for them.  Be honest and the red, white and blue free enterprise system may actually get back on track.  That is what I want in RI real estate.


We took a chance on this offer no doubt, just like most short sales, for the buyer to go the distance to closing.   A step back and a long jump forward with a better buyer.  Recovery is here and now…please, just don’t mess with my short sales.


Crazy Investors who Hang You Out to Dry – Don’t Mess with my Short Sales.


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