Courthouse Center for the Arts – Dracula

Courthouse Center for the Arts – Dracula


Courthouse Center for the Arts – Dracula .  Have you heard that Dracula’s kisses are forever?  Do tell.  He does have a way with

South Kingstown RI Real Estate has Dracula

Dracula at the Courthouse Center for the Arts

women for sure.

So Courthouse Center for the Arts is putting on stage ‘Dracula‘  His Kisses are Foreveand it is currently playing .

This is a hauntingly and ghostly way to welcome the Halloween season to our doorsteps!

Located at 3481 Kingstown Road, West Kingstown, RI, the Center for the Arts is a great cultural venue in South Kingstown to support.  The play tickets start at $25 per person but group, student and senior rates are available.  Call the Courthouse here for more information at 401.782.1018  today.

And yes as you might expect this Dracula production is for mature audiences.

Oh, the web Dracula may weave…and yes, I do assume that the play starts after sundown too.  It is a best bet!  I would watch my throat if I were you….

Check out their web site for more information or call them.  One thing about the Courthouse Center for the Arts is that their productions are fabulous, local and great entertainment in Rhode Island real estate.  As a RI real estate agent, I am a consistent supporter of the Arts in my community and encourage all to take advantage of our local events.  Make it a fun event for the family and/or friends!


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Courthouse Center for the Arts – Dracula.
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